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Car Accidents

The pain of being in an injury accident, or losing a loved one in a fatal accident, is a tragedy often compounded by insurance companies that either seem too distant or too aggressive, often pushing policyholders to sign documents before they have had time to fully comprehend what limitations the documents may contain. We recommend that before you sign anything from an insurance company, seek experienced legal counsel.

The attorneys at Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, understand the frustration and helplessness you may feel. We aren’t afraid to take on insurance companies on your behalf. We have a long record of success in securing compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We strive to achieve the results you deserve.

One client we represented was involved in a serious car crash that left him paralyzed. We took the case to trial, and negotiated a record-setting $5.5 million dollar settlement. It was the largest settlement of the sort on record at the time.

In another serious injury accident case, our client was hit by an out of control snow plow on his way up to snowboard at Crystal Mountain. He died the next day from a severe head injury. We did our best to negotiate with the insurance company, but their offer was inadequate, so we took the case to trial. A Pierce County jury awarded his widow $1.3 million.

In another case, our client was in a car accident that permanently injured her foot. Evidence showed that the injury impacted her ability to work as a cook at Rainier High School. A jury awarded our client $780,000.

Serious injuries can occur in low impact auto accidents. A Thurston County home healthcare nurse suffered a hip injury in a low speed collision. The insurance company claimed that her hip problems were not caused by the accident, and was only willing to offer $50,000 so we took the case to trial. A jury awarded her $225,000.

In yet another case, our client was on his way to work when his car was crushed between a delivery van and a car following a house on a flatbed being moved on a public road. We took the case to trial, and during the last week of trial, the insurance companies agreed to pay $6.6 million dollars on behalf of our client and his family.

If you have sustained serious injury in a car accident, contact an experienced local law firm. Should Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, accept your case, it will be managed on a contingency basis, meaning that we receive no fees until you receive compensation. It is our way of showing our clients that we will stand with them through the process and do all we can to get them the best possible result.

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