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On March 14, 2022, a King County Superior Court jury awarded those seriously injured, and family members of those who died in the 2019 Seattle crane disaster, a combined $150 Million dollars. Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC represented the family of Sarah Wong, who was riding in an Uber with a college friend on their way to a shopping mall when the crane tumbled off a roof onto the Uber, killing her. Attorneys Todd Gardner and Peter Meyers represented Sarah’s family during the multi-week trial.

Below is a compilation of news articles about the verdict – and the deliberate safety rules that were violated – causing injury and deaths to innocent victims as well as the two crane operators, killed when the crane tower they were in buckled, and fell off the roof of the building under construction.

Seattle Crane Collapse: Jury Renders $150 Million Verdict Against Northwest Tower and Omega Morgan.

Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC fought and won more than $72 Million on behalf of the family of Sarah Wong, who was crushed by the falling crane.

> KING 5 News (Video), March 18, 2022

> KIRO 7 News (Video), March 14, 2022

> KOMO TV News (Video), March 14, 2022

> 97.3 KIRO-FM (Audio), March 14, 2022

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According to the Swanson Gardner Meyer Cohon attorneys, Todd Gardner and Peter Meyers who represented the Wong family, shortcuts were made to save a little time. Winds in excess of strict protocols were not monitored. The disregard for public safety was blatant. While Northwest Tower acknowledged responsibility, and promised adherence to safety procedures in the future, Omega Morgan refused to accept responsibility during trial.

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