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Truck Accidents

Injury sustained in truck accidents can be severe. While most cars weigh about 5,000 pounds, big rigs can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. The size disparity reflects the risk that large trucks pose.

Unlike cars or lighter vehicles, the trucking industry is regulated. Drivers are restricted in the number of hours and the miles per shift they drive, must adhere to weight and loading restrictions, and strictly follow alcohol and drug policies. Sleep deprivation, failure to take rest breaks, and incentives or pressure to deliver on time can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The attorneys at Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, will do all we can to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve if you are injured in a truck collision. One client sustained a serious jaw and shoulder injury in a truck accident. The insurance company offered $215,000 which was a low offer for the significance of the injury, so we took the case to trial. A jury awarded our client $548,000.

In another case, a 70-year old man was killed and his wife badly injured when a tractor-trailer rig lost control on 1-5 N and crashed through the center median due to poorly functioning brakes on the trailer. The young, inexperienced driver was pulled over earlier in the day at an Olympia weigh station by a WSP trooper who recognized the trailer brakes weren’t working properly. However, he allowed the driver to proceed after securing a promise from the driver that he would travel directly to the repair shop in the next town. Instead, the driver continued on toward his Seattle destination, where the head-on crash occurred. The owner of the truck only had $600,000 of insurance, and no collectible assets. Attorney Todd Gardner pursued litigation against the State of Washington for allowing the unsafe truck to leave the weigh station. One week prior to trial, the State of Washington settled the case for $1.3 million. An additional $200,000 was secured, for a total settlement of $1.5 million.

If you have sustained serious injury in a truck accident in the greater Seattle area, contact an experienced local law firm. Should Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, accept your case, it will be managed on a contingency basis, meaning that we receive no fees until you receive compensation. It is our way of showing our clients that we will stand with them through the process and do all we can to get them the best possible result.

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