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Bicycle Accidents

Injuries and deaths of cyclists and bike messengers are on the rise as crowded roadways and impatient, distracted, or negligent drivers lead to injury-causing collisions.

Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, has represented injured bicyclists for more than two decades. They understand the vulnerability of cyclists when motorists don’t pay attention.

We represented the husband and family of a bicyclist who lost her life when a truck cut a corner near a freeway ramp in Gig Harbor, hitting her and crushing her to death on the median. The insurance companies for those responsible tried to hide behind a corporate and independent contractor “shell game” to avoid taking responsibility. Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, revealed this scheme and obtained a substantial settlement for the family of the cyclist.

In another case, we represented a young wife and mother who was seriously injured while riding her bicycle in Bellevue. The defendant, who negligently turned in front of our client causing the collision, claimed our client was “speeding” on her bicycle. Analysis of GPS data on the bicycle’s computer showed otherwise, allowing us to negotiate a financial settlement on her behalf.

We receive no fees until you receive compensation.

Our firm has a long tradition of representing police officers, firefighters, and other first responders injured while on duty. Among many such cases, we represented a police officer patrolling on a department bicycle, who was hit and seriously injured by a negligent driver. We successfully negotiated a settlement on his behalf with the driver’s insurance company.

More bicycle messengers than ever share the roads with cars, trucks, buses and pedestrians. They provide essential commerce services as they navigate ever-crowded streets, distracted and sometimes angry drivers, roadway hazards, and because it is the Pacific Northwest, difficult weather conditions.

If you have sustained serious injury in a bicycle accident, contact an experienced local law firm. Should Swanson Gardner Meyers Cohon PLLC, accept your case, it will be managed on a contingency basis, meaning that we receive no fees until you receive compensation. It is our way of showing our clients that we will stand with them through the process and do all we can to get them the best possible result.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident – or if you have lost a loved one in a fatal bicycle collision – contact us now for a free consultation.

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